Saturday, August 12, 2006

Yet another Cat Fight

This is another short one for you, I'm trying to keep my eyes open after the hellacious night I had tonight!

Let me first start by explaining that women who come to strip clubs usually fit into one of these few categories. *I am in the process of working on a specific blog that goes into more depth*

---pissed off girl with her boyfriend (likes to sit in the corner and scowl)

---lesbians (i love this kind)

---pretty girls who get "curious" the drunker they get (the most common)

Tonight introduced me to an entirely different sort of woman...the kind that gets drunk and tries to steal strippers' money.

In case none of you bothered to read my previous post---strippers are hard core people. They are not scared to get into a fight. Be warned.

Tonight I had a group of younger guys in my section, you know the kind: polo shirts with the collar popped and the front tucked into their jeans. One of them came with his girlfriend who, as far as I could tell, was very nice and easy going.

Goes to show how much I know.

It's nearing three in the morning; I'm at the front door bull-shitting with my boss, when all of a sudden one of my dancers busts in looking frantic. Apparently, while she was onstage, her crown royal bag with all of her money in it had "disappeared."

Long story short (because I desperatly want to go to bed) we find the bag somewhere in the vicinity of the afore mentioned girl. I am not sure if the bag was in her purse or in her chair; neither of which really matter at this time.

The bag was returned to the dancer, no harm---no foul.

Yeah right.

As I'm waiting tables I look up just in time to see dancer run from the dressing room to the stage and right hook shady stealing girl across the face. One of my floor guys/managers "Pierce" (ha ha to those of you who get it) manages to pull dancer off shady girl. Shady girls boyfriend tries to grab dancer, and I grab shady girl's boyfriend.

Dacer leaves. Shady girl cries in the corner for the rest of the night.

Moral of the story: DO NOT fuck with dancers. You may very well get your ass kicked. Or, you may lose a nose. BTW: ewww!!!!


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