Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Still In Need

I was writing a post (I'll post it tomorrow) when I got this follow up e-mail from Jo. I think her lost dog takes precidence over the regular drama of the titty-bar. First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who has commented, and please keep the emails coming. You can find the email address on my first "A friend in need" post. Many of you have mentioned going to the media, I think that's a great idea, if anyone out there has media ties or knows anyone, please foreward this e-mail to them. As an animal lover, we should all try to band together and help Jo and her family get their dog back (who has three puppies, by the way)...

This is her e-mail:

Our BC(border collie), "Tucker" jumped our fenced yard on 10/13/06. We searched *location deleted* in two cars for the following two days. We included a photo & phone #'s on the fliers which we put in mailboxes and posted in grocery stores, feed mills, and restaurants. Monday, Oct. 16Th, at 9 am I filed reports with every animal agency in my area, including *location deleted* SPCA, The Berks Humane society, and the Animal rescue league, and the *location deleted* animal control warden. We continued to look locally on our own.

I was called by the humane society of berks at approximately 4:50 pm on Monday the 16Th, at that time I was told NO male border collies had been turned in to them that weekend, but I was welcome to come personally and look through the on sight kennel. I did indeed go to the BCHS (berks county humane society), where I was "assisted" by DAMON MARCH, who is a director at the shelter. Mr March corroborated that there had been no dogs matching my dogs description or photos. I later found out this was untrue. I returned to the BCHS every day there after to look for my dog, and to inquire at the desk for any possible info.

Thursday (10/19) evening a neighbor gave us a lead on the dogs where abouts, and we then pursued this to yet another neighbor who had taken Tucker to the BCHS facility, not knowing that he was a neighbors dog. I called these people and they were ever so helpful in giving me case info that they were supplied by the BCHS when they dropped Tucker off (10/13). by the time we got this information, the BCHS had closed for the day. DAMON MARCH was the staff member that they had worked with.

Friday morning (10/20) I was at the BCHS when they opened for business at 10 am. I was told DAMON MARCH would not be in until 11 am. and resolution couldn't be had without him, as he is the Director. As I was walking out, I looked inside a window and there was Mr March, in his office, where I was told he was not, only seconds before. I collected myself, and returned back into the HS building, were I waited my turn (again) and asked for Mr March, who had been PEEKING out from the staff offices. He finally came out and after much haggling over who said what , Mr March said he would call the ADOPTIVE family that has my dog, to ask them if they would return the dog, they in turn asked for 24 hours to decide, claiming they had "bonded" with Tucker in the 4 days he was in their care.

Saturday (10/21) I called Mr March to inquire as the decision of the adoptive family. He said they declined to return the dog to us.

my problem is that first, my report had absolutely no bearing on the potential adoption, which was no less than a 2 hour time period for the BCHS to check their LOST DOG book.
My second problem is I was consistently lied to about my dog ever even having been there. never mind that I was lied to about Mr March's presence on Friday....

Had Mr March admitted his error on Monday night (10/16), and done the right and humane thing, i would not require your help.

I desperately want my dog back. He, like most BC's is high maintenance, requiring much activity and exercises. I have devoted the last 4 years to my animals, including the buying of a small farm so as to have the space required to have my cattle dog & border collies live happily and healthy. My children play a special role in Tucker's life, and they are in complete despair over his MIA status, and the situation that has followed.I have offered to pay whatever costs the foster family have incurred in regards to Tucker (except legal fees), IE the adoption fees & spay/vet check, and have gone as far as offering up Tucker's son, Thomas, which I would really rather not do. I have tried to appeal to the fosterfamily, through Damon March. But I have no idea how this was posed to them or if it was posed to them at all. I have to take his word, which I know to be unworthy of my trust.

I'm pleading. Please, if you have any compassion, please help in the return Tucker, who is far more than a pet to us. I do sincerely wish the other family the best in finding another dog that is as loving and gentle as Tucker is, and I would have gladly help them find just such a dog, had they not disreguarded my families bonds with this dog.

I am/was forced to hire an attorney to litigate this matter, I do NOT want money, I want the humane society to have some protocol or policy enacted to save others from having to go through what we are going through. I simply want our dog back home, with his family of three years, all he has ever known.

Mr March and Mr Minor have defamed me as a "bad owner" for not having my dogs microchipped, and claimed in several e-mails that I did NOT look for my dog, which I take great offense to. We searched locally, not 20 miles away in a city that we have very little to do with. Either way, they were notified and disreguarded the lost report & went through with an adoption for a pure bred healthy dog that belonged to my family without concern, then lied about it.
I will include my attorneys information with this letter.

Thank you,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man, that's messed up. i hope everything comes to a peaceful resolution with jo's dog.

3:20 PM  
Blogger SkippyMom said...

What can we do Waitress? WHAT...please let us know. Did I miss there a way to help?

This is the most disturbing story I have ever read regarding the stupidness [sp?] that is bureacracy.

Please let us know what happens, kay?

3:34 PM  
Blogger SkippyMom said...

oops...just read the below post and will write NOW...
thanks :)

3:35 PM  
Anonymous shakennotstirred said...

How awful! I agree with the others that getting the word out to the media is great. In our state, one of the local news channels does these investigative reports on stories where people are getting scammed, ripped off, or wronged. This would definitely be one they'd be interested in! Jo should contact her local TV news agencies and see if they can help.

3:44 PM  
Blogger INNER VOICES said...

this link lists all the employees at the berks county humane society... i wonder if a few hundred calls to his "higher ups" would help... maybe not...

in the town i lived in the animal control would drive around neighborhoods and wistle and call out for dogs... bait them into the truck and charge their owners larger and larger fines...

my families dog had been baited so many times they were not going to let him be returned...

we chased the bylaw enforcers out so many times after that they no longer look for "targets" on that street...

i wonder what the real story is behind mr. march. its amazing what some people will do to conceal their mistakes!

3:51 PM  
Blogger Life, or Something Like It said...

This is unbelievable! I can not believe that this is happening to you. My dogs are a big part of my family, and I can only imagine the pain and very real sense of loss that you must be feeling...

10:20 PM  
Anonymous nicole said...

wow. i actually used to live not far from the berks county humane society. got my dog neutered there actually...and i always thought that damon was a nice guy. WTF. i can't believe they didn't make the 'adoptive' family give the dog back, that's such bullshit!!! yet another reason why i hate berks county.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Damon man should be fired because if hes doing it now I am sure he has done it before. As well as the family has no compassion what so ever. If they did they would give back the dog they have only had for 4 days. Wow how rude of them, I cant beleive they would keep someone elses dog!!! The only other thing I could recommend is starting a petition against this man, or the fact that the dog was adopted out so soon after just being found. As well as call other societys and let them know your story. They could possibly do something about damon or how that society is running things. Sorry I couldnt be of more help. I truly am deeply sorry about what has happend. I know if I ever lost my dog I wouldnt know what to do esspecially if I KNEW someone else had him but would not give him back. and that someone gave him away on me. :( I am sooo sooo sorry.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Diana said...

I really hope that at the end of this all, there is a happy reunion for Tucker and Jo. As a dog owner, I would be devastated.

I hope this won't be taken the wrong way, but I am curious why the dog wasn't microchipped? I'm not AT ALL saying that you are not a good dog owner for not doing so, I'm just curious what you're reasoning was? I knew when I got Marley, that I would be devastated if I lost him. He was at the dog control, rather than the local humane society, so I was lucky even to be able to adopt him. So I immediately got him microchipped. I was less worried about him getting lost than by someone stealing him or a situation like yours occurring.

I wish you the best. I'm posting information on the mtn bike forums and on my blog. I also sent some emails to the humane society, and hopefully this helps you get him back!

11:06 PM  
Blogger MPG said...

PLease contact me about similar actions by a Humane society in PA and a border collie. I'm sensing a pattern here.

6:49 PM  

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