Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scamming Strippers

In every job, as well as in every area of life, you are going to come into contact with many different breeds of people. Eventually, and unfortunately, you are going to brush shoulders with a scammer. They will ultimately get caught, the taste of greed too much for them to ignore. The bad ones will steal too much too soon and be caught quickly. The good ones can keep it up for an extended period of time. This is the story of two such scammers, "Angela" the bad one, and "Nadine" the good one.

Dancers can scam in many ways, but usually it's either stealing from the customer or stealing from the other dancers, and either way it can be tricky to prove. Unless they steal the bag (or other identifying objects-purse, wallet, keychain) or unless the person/dancer has put some sort of "mark" on all of their bills (don't laugh, it's happened), the chances of proving that a certain amount of money was actually your money can be very difficult.

Angela was a new girl. Soon after she started, things started disappearing. This is quite common in strip clubs; either the new dancer is stealing, or another dancer is stealing and the new girl takes the heat for being new and unknown. Shitty, I know. One of my dancers, "Nicole" had an abscess tooth, and left her painkillers on the dressing room counter. She went to the bathroom and when she came back, you guessed it, they were gone. There were two dancers in the dressing room at the time, Angel and another girl. The suspicious finger was already being pointed at Angel. Later on that night, one of my girls was onstage when her bag came up "missing". Twice in one night. Remember what I said about greed?

The clincher, and the smoking gun for her being fired came the next night. A dancer who had drank well past her limit was in the dressing room bathroom, throwing up. Angel, apparently going for Miss Coneniality entered the bathroom and held her hair for her. When the girl finished puking, her money was missing from her bag...The bag that was on the bathroom counter. Despicable. Absolutely despicable.

Nadine was scamming for quite a while longer. The rumors had been flying for quite some time, customers who went to the bathroom would find their money gone when the arrived, wallets were missing from chairs, etc. First of all, don't leave your wallet/money at the table if you are not there to guard it! Nothing personal about dancers, it's just good common sense. I can't begin to tell you how many times I have picked up stacks of money from tables and escorted it back to their owner who is at the bar, standing by the stage, or coming back from the bathroom. Don't do it. Not a good idea.

Yet I digress again, back to the story.

One day Nadine had a car wreck, apparently a bad one. She told a friend of mine, which I found out later, that she felt the wreck was karma coming to her for stealing all that money. She said she learned her lesson and was going to stop. Or so she "tried".

Two weeks ago Nadine got a lap dance. The gentleman paid her with a $100 bill (lap dances are $20) and waited for his change. And waited for his change. And waited. And. Waited.

Nadine high tailed it back into the dressing room and refused to come out until the gentleman had left. When questioned, I do believe she lied (I was waiting tables at the time) and said he was bothering her and she didn't feel comfortable coming back out, or something to that extent. The guy left, very angrily, and we all know how word of mouth spreads...

Nadine's mistake was to brag about what she had done to one of the other girls, without checking the bathroom first. There, going pee pee, was a girl with cow eyes (inside joke guys) who walked out of the dressing room and, after making sure that the incident did, in fact, occur, let it be known to the right people what exactly had happened.

As they walked Nadine out to her car they told her she wasn't needed any longer.

Ahh Karma. You never know when it's going to rear up and bite you on the ass. Moral of the story? Don't steal. And don't leave your money laying around. But mainly, don't steal.


Blogger Thy said...


a strip club is sex, crime, and lies all rolled into one. everything my mom told me to never do.

everytime i read your blog my mom goes WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? because she's almost postitive i'm looking at pornography

8:08 PM  
Blogger i'llnevertell! said...

v, um, how old are you?

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Gypsy_Jo said...

kicks the child away from the monitor....

theft is everywhere, but in that microcosm of black lights and stages...well, its amplified.
I recall one rather crafty theif, we'll call her "cricket"... she'd take anything that wasnt nailed down, and I mean ANYTHING. she didnt have a drug habit. wasnt a drinker, nor gambler, she simply was a compulsive theif. one evening her entire bag took flying lessons from the second floor dressing room window of the "cumulus nina" (lol) club. it landed in the back of some poor souls pick up truck. she never did find her stuff. and no one ever admitted to giving the bag the toss that set it free. she did, however, tame her urges to borrow things without consent.
the skank that steals USED G strings is the one you have to watch for...

puts romper room back on for the kids....

7:58 AM  
Blogger i'llnevertell! said...

yeah, we have that same problem with girls stealing used underwear. I don't get it. I have personally had my hairbrush stolen, like, four times. Every week it seems I buy a new brush...go figure

8:13 AM  

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